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Wood Dash Kits

Installed examples

  • Wood dash kits are an excellent way for the owner of a vehicle to add a little more class to the interior of their car. Another benefit of wood dash kits is that they will cover up existing damage, and they are far more resilient to scratches scuff marks, and other general wear than the traditional plastic panels which are installed by the factory.

    Not all wood dash trim kits created equal. We seel the thinnest kits on the market manufactured using Albor High Pressure Laminate Machines. Thinner dash trim kits are more flexible, easier to install and are much better looking.

    We carry many variants of wood finishes


    Dark Burl Black
    Baroque Burl
    Black Burlwood
    Chocolate Burl
    Disco Burl
    Finesse Burl
    Florentine Burl
    Maple Leaf Burl
    Oxford Burl
    Piedmont Burl
    Redwood Burl
    Regal Burl
    Royal Burl
    Ruby Burl
    Sycamore Burl


    Cherry Zebrano
    Ruby Zebrano
    Scarlet Zebrano

    Other wood grains:

    Black Burlwood
    Redwood Burl
    Volvo Redwood

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