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Lexus Dash Kits

Installed examples

  • Dash kits for Lexus come in a variety of different styles including wood grain, aluminum, brushed aluminum, chrome and carbon fiber. Lexus dashboard kits are designed to fit a specific Lexus model, trim and model year. All kits are made of durable and wear resilient material.

    See below the selection of Lexus dash trim kits we carry.

    Lexus GS300 Optional overhead Trim Kit Optional Kit Year 2001 to 2004

    4 pieces


    Superior Lexus GS300 dash trim kit available in various wood grain and metal finishes. The Lexus GS300 Optional overhead Trim Kit Optional Kit Year 2001 to 2004 contains 4 pieces. A great looking Lexus GS300 wood dash.

    Lexus is one of the most luxurious cars on the market. This is true and a lot of people with a good bit of money behind them own one. While Lexus cars are designed and made to a high specification, they do, however, lack a personal touch.

    Luckily there is a wider range of Lexus dashboard kits available on the market today. Although the standard dashboard kits are designed well, by buying a Lexus dashboard kit you can create your own personal touch inside your car. This is what can set it aside from all the others on the road.

    Available in a wide range of finishes and more colors than a crayon set, there is something for everyone. They are also available as custom-built dashboard kits as well, so there is no fear that your new dashboard kit will have a problem fitting in and around your CD player or prized satellite navigation system.