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Chrome Dash Kits

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  • No one can deny that chrome is one of the most beautiful and elegant types of metal which can be used in a vehicle. It offers an extremely high gloss, almost mirror like finish which makes a car really stand out. It also has the benefit of being one of the only metals which is almost completely unaffected by oxidation which means it won’t rust and lose its looks.

    Chrome dash kits are another way that a car owner can really add some class to the interior of their vehicle. A chrome dashboard kit is designed to improve the general appearance of the interior car by replacing the original dashboard panels with new high gloss chrome panels. Not only does it improve the look of the interior but in most cases the aftermarket chrome dash kits are less susceptible to damage such as scuff marks and scratches than the factory installed dashboard panels.

    Installing chrome dash kits is an incredibly easy process. Each one of the kits is designed to fit a very specific vehicle, based on the make, model, trim and model year. This ensures that the dashboard panels being used as replacement panels are cut and designed to fit directly over the original dashboard panels installed by the factory. The panels are attached over the factory panels using double sided adhesive tape which is attached to the back of the new chrome dash kit. The only tool which is recommended is a pair of rubber gloves to prevent finger smudges.

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