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Carbon Fiber Dash Kits

Installed examples

  • Carbon fiber dash kits are designed to cover the stock dashboard panels of a vehicle. Like carbon fiber hoods, the carbon fiber dashboard kits have the distinct carbon fiber look and feel. They allow the interior of the car to fully match its exterior. Installation of the carbon fiber dashboard kits is relatively easy because they are custom designed for a specific car make, model and year and are cut with an ultra-high precision using the latest laser-cut technology. The carbon fiber dashboard kits come with an adhesive tape on the back and can be attached right over the original dashboard panels. In fact the installation process will take most people one hour or less. No special tools or equipment are required.

    We offer carbon fiber dash trim kits in the following variants:

    2x2 Carbon Fiber
    Dark Blue Carbon Fiber
    Light Blue Carbon Fiber
    Red Carbon Fiber

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