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Quick Dash Kit Selector

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Why Our Kits?

Our kits are manufactured by the OEM dash maker for BMW, Toyota, Lexus and Honda ! We do not sell cheap chinese kits. The kits we sell are top notch quality, manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and meet the stringent quality requirements of the best car makers in the world.

Thousands of Dash Kits for Almost Every Make & Model !

We have a huge selection of over 2000 dash kits for nearly every make and model. From wood dash covers to carbon fiber, aluminum and chrome dash kits. We have it all for your car. All of our dash trim kits have guaranteed fitment, and are high quality, long lasting dash kits that will last the lifetime of you vehicle. Also, our dash kits are custom made to fit your vehicle. Its just as easy as filling out a quick form with drop-down menus to select the specs of your car and we start manufacturing your dash trim kit right away!

Our kits are not intended to cover up or replace the existing OEM wood factory trim. The kits are for cars that do not have any trim or to cover the parts that are not covered by the OEM trim. The product images show exactly what dash parts are covered, make sure you check the images and understand them before ordering. We sell complete kits only.

Use our quick dashboard kit selector to quickly find a dash kit for your vehicle or browse through thousands of available car dashboard kits sorted by car make and finish.

Further Car Trim and Styling

We also suggest the following trim that makes your car really stand out

- If you want to complement a classy interior trim with an appropriate exterior one, consider getting an hid conversion kit. Bright HID lights will put you car on par with the leading top-tier car brands.

Dozens of Finishes !

Dark Burl Black
Dark Teak
Deep Cherry
Baroque Burl
Black Burlwood
Cherry Zebrano
Chocolate Burl
Claret Birds Eye Maple
Disco Burl
Finesse Burl
Florentine Burl
GM Walnut
Magma Birds Eye Maple
Maple Leaf Burl
Mustard Birds Eye Maple
Oxford Burl
Piedmont Burl
Redwood Burl
Regal Burl
Royal Burl
Ruby Burl
Ruby Zebrano
Scarlet Zebrano
Sunset Copper
Sycamore Burl
Volvo Redwood
Volvo Walnut
Western Oak
Argent Silver
Brushed Aluminium
High Gloss Brushed Aluminium
Urban Metal
High Gloss Urban Metal
2x2 Carbon Fiber
2x2 Silver Armor
Dark Blue Carbon Fiber
Light Blue Carbon Fiber
Red Carbon Fiber
Solid Black
Pewter Weave
Toyota Weave

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