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Aluminium Dash Kits

Installed examples

  • Through the installation of an aluminum dash kit, a car owner can gain a few advantages. The most obvious gain is the improved look and feel of the interior of the car. These dashboard kits give a far more elegant look and feel to the interior. Another benefit to aluminum dash kits, especially brushed aluminum dash kits, is that they don’t tend to show scratches and other wear as readily as most types of dash panels, including a number of other aftermarket dash kits.

    Aluminum dash kits are designed to be installed directly over of the dash panels which were factory installed with the vehicle. Under most circumstances the total installation process takes about an hour. Each aluminum dash kit must be designed for a specific vehicle. Typically this will include the manufacturer, model, and in most cases the year and trim of the model.

    We've got the following aluminium finishes:

    Brushed Aluminium
    High Gloss Brushed Aluminium

    Urban Metal
    High Gloss Urban Metal

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